About Aki

👋 Hi, I'm Aki

Thanks for checking out the site. I created it so I could explore and share some of the lessons I’ve learned from the trenches of talent work and team-building at companies like Google, Uber and Netflix. And I'd love others to help refine and improve my thinking around the topics I'm passionate about. ⬇️

10-Second Bio

  • Born in Nigeria, to an American mother and Palestinian father
  • Raised in Northport, New York
  • Lived and worked in 🇬🇹Guatemala, 🇨🇳 China, 🇵🇸 Palestine; 🇸🇬 Singapore for past 9 years
  • Worked in different recruiting and HR roles at Google, Greylock Partners, Dropbox, Uber and Netflix
  • Left Netflix In March, 2021 to start my own business
  • Language hacker, reader, film buff, news junky!

Interests - topics  I  ❤️  and write about:

  • Startups and technology -- products, business models, teams, cultures, and the interplay between them
  • Recruiting/hiring/building/scaling diverse, world-class teams
  • Navigating career: "career-compounding" skills like negotiation, networking, storytelling; concepts like risk, reward and leverage.
  • Leading and managing people
  • Inclusion, at work, and outside of it

Find me here:

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